Benefits of Family Time!

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Many of us probably know how important family time is to every member of the family. The question is why is it so important and what do we gain. This post hopes to help illuminate the why and will hopefully encourage you to make family time a priority.

Let’s start by looking at family dinners.

  • Believe it or not but family dinner time can be a stress reliever for parents.
    Parents can role model healthy eating habits which means that kids may end up eating more fruits and veggies.
  • Meal times become a great opportunity to expose kids to new foods.
  • Parents also have the opportunity to teach and role model portion control.
  • Research has demonstrated that kids who have family meal time are less likely to get depressed, consider suicide, or develop an eating disorder. Likewise, the likelihood of kids delaying sex and reporting that their parents are proud of them increases.
  • For teens, family meal times have the potential to lower the chances of them picking up smoking, drinking, and using drugs.
  • Family meal times may result in higher grades on kid’s report cards.

Volunteering as a family brings with it a multitude of benefits for the family in addition to the people, animals, or organizations that receive the benefits of your family’s time.

  • Learning about compassion, empathy, and maybe new skills depending on the volunteer opportunity are just a few things children can learn from volunteering.
  • When the children have the opportunity to help pick out where the family will be volunteering, they will benefit from feeling respected and appreciated.
  • When volunteering together, parents can share values and have meaningful conversations.
    Thusly, there are more opportunities to encourage family connection. Additionally, when volunteering the family will meet different people providing further opportunity for connection which is especially help when in need of additional support during challenging times.
  • Children who volunteer are more likely to volunteer when they get older and pass on the tradition to their children.
  • Team work can be fostered through volunteering. By working together in the volunteer field, the family reinforces their own ability to work together which translates to home as well.
  • Volunteering provides the opportunity for both parents and children to see what the other does outside of the home. Both children and parents then have the opportunity to appreciate the other.
  • Problem-solving skills in the real world can be encouraged and developed during volunteer activities which can also leave people feeling satisfied.
  • When families take the time to contribute to their community and become involved in righting some wrongs, it encourages optimism instead of allowing hopelessness to creep in.

What about family yoga! The benefits of yoga in general have been well researched and documented.

  • Creates opportunities for interesting dialogue. Many times in yoga classes a phrase, story, or even a person next to us can spark interest and be food for a conversation after class.
  • Helps develop a healthy body image for kids. Yoga meets people where they are at and thusly invites people of all ages, body types, backgrounds, and interests to practice.
  • Yoga invites a mind-body connection. Being on a yoga mat invites people into the present moment and provides a learning laboratory. What is cultivated on the mat can then be taken off the mat. Concepts such as peace, clarity, compassion, love, and patience are just a few items that can be cultivated on a mat.
  • Offers the opportunity for connection. Whether it is the other people in the room or family, yoga encourages connection and many leave feeling more connected after a yoga class.
  • We all hear how important physical exercise is for our health. Spending time with family exercising helps get the benefits of both family time and physical exercise at the same time.
  • Parents have the opportunity to role model a healthy life style for their children. Children learn so much by watching their parents.
  • Everyone receives the benefits of physical exercise itself, both physical and mental.

Family time is so important for everyone. Life can become so busy with everyone’s activities, work, and school. Block time out on the calendar where no one can schedule anything and make that time scared. Below in the resources and references are other great ideas for making family time happen!

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