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The Confident Kids Self-Esteem Groups are focused on helping children build confidence, self-esteem, reduce worries and on learning new techniques for emotional regulation. Our goal is to help your child feel comfortable with who they are and to help them build a strong, positive sense of self so that they can truly shine and be themselves!

Age appropriate topics will be introduced to the group (such as overcoming worries and trying something new, for example). The group will talk about practical strategies to use when they feel this way and anchor them with imagery and movement. Then they will then practice acting these strategies out with the other group members so they know what to do when they face this challenge in their lives.

This group is led by Kimberlee Bow, MA, LPC, R-DMT, CT and/or Anya Beebe, MA, LPC, Art Therapist and Parenting Coach, along with one of our qualified interns and/or staff members.

*Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the last 15 minutes of this group as there are skill building activities planned for you and your child to do together. This time is also intended for the transfer of skills from the therapist to the parent so that you can reinforce what the children have learned at home.

*Second graders are welcome to go with either group you feel would be most age appropriate.

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