The Scared Mask – Finding Your Authentic Self

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Women in particular have many societal roles and responsibilities to fulfill in our daily lives. This workshop will explore the ‘masks’ we wear, and allow ourselves to cultivate our most genuine persona. Beginning with a meditation, guided visualization and personal exploration of our inner archetypes, we will explore what “mask” or part of our persona could use some extra attention to help make us stronger in this moment. Participants will then have the opportunity to create a mask that represents an expression of our inner archetype, and celebrate a greater sense of oneness and authenticity. We can then wear, or display, our masks with pride and confidence, knowing what we created is true to ourselves. Archetypes to explore: the Queen, the Magician, the Romantic, the Fairy, the Mermaid, the Warrior- whatever you’re inspired to create, we will help you to make it, in a safe, nurturing environment.

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