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In this workshop designed just for kids, participants will create a felted flag decorated with personal symbols that inspire them. Creating personal symbols will help kids to identify how they resource themselves in times of struggle. Talking about the symbols that guide our children in difficult times, can help them build self-esteem and boost confidence. These handmade flags are a cheerful addition to the home, or perfect to hang in bedrooms, as a reminder that they can always access the courageous parts of themselves in times of need. For this project, we will use the ancient art of needle felting with wool felt sheets to create 2dimentional felted art, as we discuss the tools that we need to fuel and inspire us. Felting is a wonderful way to manage anxiety as it provides a mindful, repetitive motion that relaxes the nervous system and can provide an outlet for aggressive tendencies. Just like old fashioned quilting bee’s, felting allows people to open up and chat amongst the group, providing a wonderful environment to have rich group discussions.

All materials provided. For this workshop, please assess if your child is mature enough to work with a needle, and can focus on a project for a sustained amount of time. Recommended age is 6 years or older.

This workshop is limited to 12 participants. Must register at least 24 hours in advance to secure your spot.

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