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The kindergarten and first grade years can be challenging for many kids. Going to school with new teachers, new classmates and new rules is sometimes overwhelming and many kids struggle as they settle into the new routine. If your daughter is having challenges adjusting and is having a hard time at school, or at home, or with peers, this is the group for her. We understand that the early elementary years can be challenging and we are here to help set the stage for a positive school experience and help girls feel confident and happy about going to school.

With our engaging and unique approach combining art, imagery, movement, role playing and games, your daughter is sure have fun while learning valuable skills. In this group, we will teach girls effective ways to reduce frustration, worries, and noncompliance and increase listening skills, focus, and positive interactions with peers and family. Each session also includes emotional and physical regulation techniques using yoga to improve relaxation and calming skills and body awareness. And as in all of our groups, building self-esteem and confidence are the core components of what we do because we want kids to feel good and LOVE who they are!

This group is led by Chelsie Cohen, M.A., Registered Psychotherapist and Art Therapist, along with one of our qualified interns and/or staff members.

*Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the last 15 minutes of this group as there is important sharing time for you and your child planned. This time is also intended for the transfer of skills from the therapist to the parent so that you can reinforce what the children have learned at home.
*If groups are missed, no refunds are given. However, we offer individual make up sessions with our intern at no additional cost.
*If your child has NOT done any previous groups with us, please call 303 523 7726 prior to signing up so we can ensure the best fit for your child. Thank you.
*This group is not eligible for insurance reimbursement.

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