Reviving Your SPARK! Overcoming Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

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This workshop is dedicated to supporting anyone who might be experiencing compassion fatigue or burnout. For many of us who care for others, either in our professional lives or in our personal lives, it is often incredibly rewarding and fulfilling work. However, when so many people need our help (or even just a person or two who require substantial time and attention from us), it can deplete our own energy stores if we are not careful. It can be easy to slip into feeling burned out or to experience compassion fatigue and it happens to a significant amount of caregivers.

If you feel like you might be experiencing either burnout or compassion fatigue this workshop is a perfect way to help you out of your funk. In the first part of our time together we will share and discuss information about these conditions and how to overcome them. In the second part of the workshop we will actively help you rejuvenate your energy through creative expression and activities designed to help you get YOU back!

No artistic experience is necessary, just the willingness to explore and use color and imagery to help you reconnect to your vital “chi”. Having fun, self-exploration, self-expression and time set aside just for you is a great way to get re-energized and that is what this workshop is all about!

If you are a professional wanting to learn how to help others prevent and overcome burnout and compassion fatigue, this workshop is for you too! This workshop meets criteria for CEU and PD hours for a number of professions (see details below).

In the Reviving Your SPARK Workshop, you will:

  • Learn the facts about burnout and compassion fatigue.
  • Learn how to recognize symptoms in yourself and others.
  • Take an assessment to help you determine if you are experiencing either of these conditions.
  • Identify what specific experiences are draining your energy.
  • Discover effective techniques to overcome these conditions if you are currently experiencing them.
  • Learn how to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue in the future.
  • Develop a personalized self-care action plan that works for you.
  • Experience how to use guided imagery for stress relief and rejuvenation.
  • Learn creative expression techniques to use with yourself and others.
  • Create your own art piece that will help YOU recover your own vital energy!
  • Meet other professionals and care givers who are experiencing similar things that you are.
  • Most likely, have a really great time, and have a day dedicated to taking care of YOU!

As caregivers, the people we care for depend on us to take care of them. For us to be effective and help others in the best way that we can, it is crucial that we take care of ourselves so we have not only the energy to give to others, but also energy to sustain ourselves so that we can be healthy and thrive.

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