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Candles help us light the way through dark times in our lives and can be used to aid us in setting an intention for prayer, meditation, personal healing, reflection, remembrance and/or honoring a special time of life. Fire has long been linked to our survival as humans, and for centuries people have gathered around it for warmth and connection. Lighting a candle at any moment of the day, whether it be during meditation, or contemplation, can be a peaceful ritual where we honor ourselves and our relationship to our world.

During this personal growth oriented art therapy workshop, you will be encouraged to reflect on that which you are ready to let go of in your life, and, to explore that which you would like to honor more of in your life. We will begin the workshop by gathering as a group, connecting, discussing and sharing about setting intentions. Following this, we will do a guided meditation / visualization and letting our inspiration and insights guide us, we will then delve into art making. You will be given a candle and glass candle holder and can decorate it in a way that is meaningful to you, whether the intention for the candle be for prayer or to bring something new into your life.

By setting a new intention in our lives and creating a visual symbol of this in our candle holder, we make our intention real. By lighting our special candles we then honor ourselves and make time and space for that which is important to us. These slow burning candles can be lit many times, and can help us to slow down our day to day lives and contemplate the richness of our existence, for introspection and cultivating inner power.

All materials will be provided including: candle, candle holder, collage materials, magazines for inspiring images, scrapbook paper, stickers, glass and acrylic jewels, glitter, paint and a variety of other fun and interesting materials! If there is a special image you have in mind that is important to you, feel free to bring in your own photos, cards, or art so that you can display your special image on your candle holder. Hint: Art from beautiful cards and magazines are a great way to decorate you candle holder. This idea was used on many of the candles shown in the pictures of our own intention candles.

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