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Does your child love to do art and need some help with building self-esteem? If so, this art therapy group is for them.

Some kids express themselves and learn best through an imagery and an arts based perspective and this is what this particular group utilizes. In every session we will present new (and highly creative and fun!) art projects that are designed to encourage emotional expression, building confidence, problems solving, sharing and connecting with others in the group. Underlying all of the projects we do in this group, we will be helping children build self-esteem and fine tune positive peer interactions as well.

Kids will have the opportunity to do a new project in every session such: as wool felting, canvas painting, simple sewing projects and more. Along with the creative projects that the kids do, we will combine them with themes like: The Great Things About Me, Standing up for Myself, Finding My Voice, Learning to Calm Down and Handle Anger, etc…