Gratitude Practice – Find Growth Opportunities

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Find Growth Opportunities

It can be really easy to focus on our mistakes in life. For some it is also very easy to beat themselves up over mistakes. Instead of engaging the self-critic, think of mistakes as growth opportunities instead. Mistakes are great chances to learn from your own experiences and make changes in the future that can improve your daily life.

Here are few suggestions on how to make the most out of each growth opportunity.

  • Stay in description and avoid using judgmental language. Staying in description means using statements that describe the situation. For example, “I made mistake,” or “I lost my keys.” There is no judgement in those statements. These next statements do have judgement. “I stupidly lost my keys.” “I am so stupid that I made a mistake.” If you naturally fall into judgmental language, stop and retry the statement again in descriptive language. This one can some practice.
  • Embrace apology. Apologizing can be scary and even hard to do. It means accepting responsibility for an action and it also means a chance to strengthen relationships with others and yourself. There is a great book The Five Language of Apology if you want to learn more about the different styles of apologies.
  • Take the time to plan. After looking at the situation, take the time to think about how you might do things differently next time.
  • Use your self-compassion muscle. Cut yourself a break and show yourself a little compassion. Nobody is ever perfect and that is okay.

As a parent, if you role model this for your children they will learn this process as well.

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