Gratitude Practice – Finding Gratitude in Hard Situations

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Finding Gratitude In Hard Situations

We all find ourselves facing difficult situations or challenging in our lives. During those situations it can be helpful to ask yourself, “What can I be grateful for in this particular situation?” This is different than the often heard, “Find the silver lining or the good in the situation.” In this case, you are really finding something that you are grateful for and feeling into it. For example, maybe your car won’t start and you are running late for work. Finding the silver lining would be thinking to yourself, “At least it sin’t raining.” Looking for what you are grateful for might be taking a deep breath and saying to yourself, “Yes my car won’t start and I am still grateful that I have a car despite what is happening.”

Since this practice may seem a little daunting or difficult. There are additional references and resources below to read more about the science behind it and gain further insight in other ways to work with gratitude and difficult situations.

Resources and References:
Greater Good – How Gratitude Can Help You Through Hard Times
Psychology Today – Gratitude in Tough Times
PBS Parents – Finding Gratitude During Difficult Times

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