Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Bookmarks

Original oil painting showing beautiful Autumn forest on canvas. Modern Impressionism

Gratitude Bookmarks

Many people like to read. If there are people in your life who do like to read, utilize this gratitude practice. This works best if you use stiffer paper like tag board or if you have a laminator that can also be of benefit. Cut your choice of paper into your desired size for the bookmark. Now you can either color, write, or even paste pictures on the bookmark. When making the bookmark, really think of how this person has been a blessing in your life and tailor you bookmark to really reflect this. If desired, you can add a tassel to the bookmark. Using a hole punch, punch a hole at the top. Then use ribbon, string, or any other material you want to make the tassel. Feel free to add beads or even braid the tassel.

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