Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Decorating

Original oil painting showing beautiful Autumn forest on canvas. Modern Impressionism

Gratitude Decorating

Looking for a chance to redecorate your house that doesn’t cost you a ton? Great! This gratitude practice is well suited to that task. Have fun decorating your house with gratitude images, quotes, and/or sayings. Find pictures that remind you to be grateful and do the same with quotes and/or sayings. This may include asking your friends and family to contribute to the collection as well. Have fun using different materials to make the pictures and quotes as colorful or as decorative or as simple as you would like them. Then place what you have collected and created around the house so that you and your family can see these throughout the day.

This practice can be done in other places besides the home. Below are just three examples but there are many more that you can try!

  • Inside of a backpack or purse
  • A binder or a portfolio
  • Your car

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