Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Poem

Original oil painting showing beautiful Autumn forest on canvas. Modern Impressionism

Gratitude Poem

Gratitude comes in many shapes, forms, and maybe even stanzas. Sometimes changing our perspective can be a nice way to switch things up. Poetry has a unique way of offering that opportunity. Since poetry usually, not always, requires fewer words than pros you really have to get to the “heart” of the gratitude. This can sometimes be easier said than done. For example, maybe there is a person in your life who has always been there for you. This person has been there through the good and challenging times. You may be able to list 100+ examples. So what is one of the “hearts” of the gratitude? An obvious one might be that this person has been there constantly. Continuing on though might mean looking a little deeper. This person has maybe shown loyalty or constant compassion. It really is up to you though where you want to go with your gratitude. One fun way to think about this is imagery and/or metaphor. Sometimes an image or a metaphor can describe better than words.

There are many different styles of poetry out there. You have always have the freedom to use on them or completely make up your own! Either way have fun experimenting with this different perspective.

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