IEP Procedural Support

IEP and 504 Plan Procedural Support

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Are you struggling to navigate the complicated territory of securing your child with an IEP or 504 plan?  Do you feel lost and frustrated?  Whole HeARTs Family Center is here to help you navigate this territory so that you have support to advocate for your child so they can be successful in school.

How can Whole HeARTs Family Center help me and my child?

  • One-on-one attention to discuss your options, including the benefits and the downside of each option.
  • Support to clearly identify and write down each item you would like your child to receive help with in the school setting.
  • Ideas and strategies for how best to advocate for your child.

Our Educational Behavioral Specialist will work as your advocate and mediate between you and the school.  If necessary, she will also attend IEP meetings with you.  Additionally, if it is determined that an IEP or 504 plan is not the best avenue many schools are often willing to support the student in other ways.  In this case, our Educational Behavioral Specialist will again help you communicate your child’s needs clearly and discuss how to hold the school accountable for what they offered.

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The hope is that you walk away from the table feeling like you have a good plan in place with the school so that everyone is working together to make sure your child is able to flourish and develop at school.

In order to be of high quality service, it may important to understand your needs and your child’s needs through a school observation. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  The rate for our IEP services is $85 an hour.  Please note, this is not covered by insurance.

imageWe have hired a fabulous Educational Behavioral Specialist, Chelsie Cohen, MA, who is passionate about supporting kids and parents within the school system. Chelsie graduated from Naropa Univeristy with her Master of the Arts in Transpersonal Counseling with an Art Therapy concentration. Even before going graduate school, Chelsie had already discovered her gifts and talents for working in the school. She spent four years working in behavioral psychology mental health services providing behavioral interventions with a range of diagnoses and advocating for the needs of her clients within a school setting. Her experience in many different schools has help her understand how to work within the systems despite the differences. Additionally, she brings her experience of assisting families throughout the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) process, her work with skillful interacts teachers and principals, and her countless hours of behavioral observations and report writing. Because of Chelsie’s passion she continues to expand her education around this topic and has done special training in Special Education Law in Colorado.


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