Stress Awareness Tip #1

People doing meditation

Meditation has been researched and touted as a fantastic way to help with stress. It can be done any where and at no cost to you! The process of meditation involves focusing your attention and quieting your thoughts. There are many benefits to meditation. A few are mentioned below but are not limited to just these:

  • Development of a possible new perspective on stressful situations
  • Stress management skills and stress reduction
  • An Increase in self-awareness
  • Awareness of the present
  • Reduction in negative emotions
  • Help build willpower
  • Increase attention span

Taking even 5 minutes a day to meditate can be of great benefit. The first step is to figure out which technique you might enjoy. There are many out there and I encourage to have fun discovering which one works for you. A great technique to start with, if you need an idea, is to consciously follow your breath. At the office you can close the door and find a comfortable seat in your chair or on the floor making sure your spine is tall and straight. If you can and would like to develop a daily habit, it can be helpful to schedule a block of time that is your meditation time. Pick a quiet, comfortable, and constant place where you won’t be disturbed. While beginning this process keep in mind the concept of self compassion. There may be some days when your mind wonders or you keep thinking of your to do list. Instead of beating yourself up when this happens, image your thoughts are like clouds and let them float away. Most importantly be kind to yourself and remember to show yourself compassion instead of becoming mad or frustrated. Below I have given you some good references and further reading. Enjoy!

References and Further Reading:
Mayo Clinic – Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress
Harvard Health Publications – Mindfulness meditation may ease anxiety, mental stress
WebMD – Meditation Heals Body and Mind
Yoga Journal – Meditation Page

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