Stress Awareness Tip #9

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Today brings to close the series on stress reduction. With today being the final post in the series, the hope is to bring you a few last tips that will help reduce stress and enjoy life a little bit more stress free! So with that in mind instead of one big discussion on one idea this post continues several ideas.

Plan for Tomorrow: Taking a few moments to prepare for the day ahead has its benefits. Doing the preparation work the night before for the day ahead takes the pressure off so you are not tempted to worry about everything you have to do the next morning. In addition, in the morning the chances are lessened that you will forget a task or be rushed to do a task thereby lessing your chances of creating stress.

Success: Before embarking on a more stressful task, take the time to mentally go through times that you were successful. Better yet, take the time to write out that list so that you have the added bonus of going through the act of writing it and looking at the list when you need a boost.

Mantra: Develop a mantra that holds special meaning for you and inspires you. Facing a more stressful task repeating that mantra once again helps prepare you for the task.

Writing: Many people enjoy the freedom of writing. With that in mind, it may be helpful to write for 10-20 minutes about what is stressing you and the emotions connected. From here you have two options. The first option is to look for patterns to help you determine ways to cope or reduce stress. The other option is take that paper and come up with an action that helps you release that stress. Here are some suggestions: rip the paper, trash the paper, or put the paper in the freezer. There are many options so pick something that works for you.

Art: Other people love doing art or engaging in the creative process. The idea here is similar to what was shared about writing. Take the time to do some art around what is stressing you out or even do some art around what may be calming to you.

Imagery: The use of imagery is one that many people write about and for good reason. Imagery can be very powerful. Here are two suggestions for using imagery for stress reduction. One, visualize yourself being successful at the task you are facing. Two, visualize yourself in a setting or environment that you find peaceful and calming.

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