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Counseling & Art Therapy for Children, Tweens & Teens

Child Counseling for ChildrenEveryone needs some extra help sometimes, even kids. Whether your child, tween or teen is going through a temporary setback or has ongoing challenges, we are here to give your child and family practical solutions for positive change. We offer individual counseling, art therapy and a variety of other services for children and families looking to grow in positive ways.

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Whether you are at a life transition or just want to bring more personal meaning and happiness into your life, we offer a creative and soul stirring approach in our art therapy and creative coaching workshops. If you love to be creative and are are ready to go deep, please check out The Soulfire Studio – The Art Therapy Workshop Studio of the Whole HeARTs Family Center.

Adult Counseling, Coaching & Parenting Support

At the Whole HeARTs Family Center, we provide a variety of services for adults including: individual counseling, coaching, art therapy, family therapy and parent coaching.  If you are feeling like something is just not right and you are looking for meaning and happiness in your life, don’t hesitate to reach out.  It takes courage to make changes happen and we are here to help you every step of the way. 

Team Building Workshops for Organizations, Groups & Companies 

If you are looking for a creative, unique and highly effective way to bring out the best in each individual on your team, business, organization or group, we would be happy to help you with one of our custom made workshops. We offer a creative approach to help your team connect in a deeper more meaningful way. Reach out and let us help you create a workshop that is just right for your team.

Upcoming Events at The Whole HeARTs Family Center & The Soulfire Studio

Upcoming Events Sign Shows Future Occasions Schedule For Dogs SiteWant to check out everything we have going on in one place? Click this link to take a look at all of our upcoming personal growth workshops, art therapy workshops, art classes, children’s groups, parenting workshops and classes along with our upcoming workshops and trainings for professionals and students, and much more!

Professional Development Workshops & Trainings for Those in Care-giving Fields 

Whole HeARTs offers a variety of professional workshops and trainings to give therapists, counselors, social workers, and students opportunities to further develop their skills. We also offer a variety of creative workshops to help professionals and care-givers of all kinds rejuvenate and overcome burnout, compassion fatigue and stress. Isn’t it time to give back to yourself?

Community Outreach, Speaking Events, Media & Articles

The therapists from Whole HeARTs are often asked to speak, write articles, do TV interviews and give trainings about our creative and effective methods. We also have been published in Colorado Parent magazine and various journals, publications, and books, including a chapter in the book, Art Therapy in Healthcare. If you are interested in having us come to your organization to speak or for a custom event, please feel free to contact us.

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How Art Therapy Works & Can Help You or Your Family

Art Therapy, Art Therapist, Denver Child TherapistWhole HeARTs is known for our work in the Creative Arts Therapies. Because imagery is the first language of the brain, we often see faster, longer lasting results with both children and adults when imagery based expression is used in combination with counseling or coaching. Everyone is different and we use a mix of art therapy / creative coaching and talk therapy/ coaching in way that you chose and that helps you best.

More About the Whole HeARTs Family Center

WholeHeartsFamilyCenterLogo-SmallThe Whole HeARTs Family Center was created with the intention to be a unique, creative space where children, adults, families, groups and organizations can grow, thrive and learn new techniques to bring more positive energy, interactions and experiences into their lives. We are here for you and hope that you will reach out and contact us for a free consultation.  And to make sure this is the right fit for you, we offer 50% off your first session so you can try out our unique approach.

About The Whole HeARTs Family Center


AnyaBeebe-ChildTherapistDenver-2Anya Beebe, M.A., L.P.C. 

Art Therapist, Transpersonal Counselor and Coach, Certified COPE Parent Trainer. 

Thank you for visiting the Whole HeARTs Family Center website!
My name is Anya Beebe and I am the owner of the Whole HeARTs Family Center.  I created Whole HeARTs with the intention of creating a transpersonal and holistic center to help children, adolescents, adults and families overcome challenges and achieve more happiness, deeper meaning and peace in their lives.  
My unique approach to counseling and coaching is creative, strengths based and highly effective.  Instead of focusing just on problems, I am passionate about helping people find their center, their strengths and ways to develop solutions that will help them create more confidence and joy in their day to day lives.  My personal strengths are helping others on a creative, holistic level and I strive to empower each person as a whole – taking into consideration the health of body, mind and spirit. I also believe in helping others help themselves, and because I give my clients so many tools and techniques to practice and work on at home, I tend to do shorter term counseling and coaching with most people I work with.
Whether you are seeking out counseling, personal coaching, art therapy or personal growth for yourself or your child, I am here to help you on your path and am committed to helping you develop solutions that will make a positive, lasting difference in your life. We all go through challenging times at one point or another, and often, all we need is some extra guidance to help us navigate through life’s ups and downs.  
I am happy to offer a free phone consultation to talk about your particular circumstance and also to determine if my style of counseling, coaching or art therapy is a good match for your needs.  If we decide that we would like to move forward, I offer half off the first session so that we can meet and make sure we are a good fit.  After the first session, we can determine if we would like to move forward with future sessions, and then together, we will create the best plan to help you or your child achieve more balance and happiness.  


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