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Creative Arts Therapies

At Whole HeARTs Family Center, we often use the healing power of the creative arts to help deepen the therapeutic experience for our clients.

Imagery is the first language of the brain and affects us on a subconscious level, and there is often a deeper psychological shift that happens when children and adults create images and then process and explore the meaning. Many people who have experienced counseling before, report that art therapy helps them access, understand and overcome their challenges in a more direct way.

Art therapy and image making is integrated in a variety of way at Whole HeARTs. Here are a few examples of how client’s have engaged in utilizing art therapy in session.

  • Some clients like to use art therapy in combination with counseling or coaching.
  • Some prefer to immerse themselves in the art therapy experience focusing more on the therapeutic healing that takes place when exploring, expressing and processing their feelings and emotions through making art.
  • And quite often, we use imagery as a teaching tool in the sessions.

One of the most unique and effective ways that we use art therapy at Whole HeARTs is by using visual imagery to create “anchors” (symbols that remind us of the concept, coping tool or technique learned) when working with children who may be learning new skills to overcome worries or ArtTherapists-Denverbehavior issues, for example. Children (and adults as well) tend to remember images quicker and better than they remember verbal instructions and we utilize this to create positive change.

When children create meaningful images linked to creating a new behavior pattern, these images then tend to anchor behavior changes in a faster, longer lasting way. We have found that this works especially well with children who may have a hard time remembering what they are supposed to do in a certain situation.

Art therapy can also be very beneficial for children and adults who have challenges really understanding and knowing what they are feeling and why. Without a solid connection to our emotional intelligence, sometimes, people feel like their emotions control them and they simply react. Often, this can result in dysregulated, overwhelming or explosive emotions, and sometimes, even numbness or loss of touch of feelings.

One of the most beneficial aspects of art therapy is in helping people get to the root of what is troubling them and giving them a place to explore and process their feelings in a deeper way. It also helps develop emotional intelligence so that people feel more in touch with their feelings moving forward in their lives.

At Whole HeARTs, we have an abundantly stocked art therapy room where children and adults are given the luxury of using supplies that are best suited to their needs. We have supplies for very young children as well as more sophisticated quality materials for adults. We have everything from finger paint to acrylic paint and canvases and just about every art material you could imagine.

At Whole HeARTs we offer art therapy in the following ways:

  • Individual sessions for children and adults
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Workshops for kids
  • Workshops for women
  • And even in some of our parenting classes and groups

For more information about art therapy, please go to The American Art Therapy Association – http://www.arttherapy.org/upload/whatisarttherapy.pdf

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