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Take A Walk

Walking is something that many of us may take for granted at times because we can get up and walk at any time. Not everyone has the ability to walk and walking really is something precious and beneficial in our lives. The posts on this website recently have been exploring the benefits of the creative arts and in the same spirit it is time to explore the benefits of walking on our physical and mental […]

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Music Benefits Us All

Most of us have heard music or been involved in music at some point in our lives. Music actually has the potential to help us out in ways that may not have crossed your mind. Continue reading to find out more about the benefits of music. Helps ease pain – Using music to ease pain has been found particularly effective in geriatric care, intensive care, or palliative medicine. However, studies with other populations such as […]

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Dive Into Art

As we walk down the street we may see a painting on a building or a sculpture in a park. Art is all around us and if we take the opportunity do a little art ourselves we may end up benefiting from the experience. First a fun fact that is also a good distinction to know. What is the difference between art and crafts? There is an actual difference. Art is unstructured activities that allow […]

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Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself. –Mohsin Hamid Whether young or old empathy is a gift. Its roots reach deep into our brains and bodies. Associated with two different pathways in the brain, aspects of empathy may also be linked to the mirror neurons in our brain. Mirror neurons are cells that fire when we observe another perform an action in much the same way that they would activate if you […]

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The Joys of Being Outside

Mother Nature provides us with so much beauty! So why not enjoy what she has given us? There are numerous benefits of spending time outdoors for kids and adults. Here are just a few: Eases depression Helps improve outlook May improve focus Strengthens your immune system Increases brain function Helps with vitamin D intake Helps us age gracefully Helps with stress reduction Makes us happy This time of year, if you live in the Northern […]

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Benefits of Family Time!

Many of us probably know how important family time is to every member of the family. The question is why is it so important and what do we gain. This post hopes to help illuminate the why and will hopefully encourage you to make family time a priority. Let’s start by looking at family dinners. Believe it or not but family dinner time can be a stress reliever for parents. Parents can role model healthy […]

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Benefits of Giving

For it is in giving that we receive. –Francis of Assisi One of the many lessons that we want to teach our kids is the lesson of giving to others. Having just had a season where the focus has been on giving it seems appropriate to open this series on the topic of the benefits of giving.  Truly, it is not just the recipients that benefit from giving. The giver also benefits as well as […]

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The Top 10 Parenting Resolutions to Make in 2016

The New Year is upon us, and many of us have big hopes about how to make this year better than ever.   Often our resolutions are to do things like lose weight, work out more, advance in our careers, etc…    I have another idea I would like to offer… What if this year, we consider making a resolution that would trump all others – a resolution to become the best parents we can be […]

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Reaping the Benefits

Happy 2016! With the start of the new year there is so much to look forward to such has how much we will learn and grow during 2016. It is in that spirit that this series takes shape. We are going to look at how we understanding some of the benefits of certain activities, concepts, and emotions. All to often we hear how different things are good for us but sometimes we may not know […]

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Stress Awareness Tip #9

Today brings to close the series on stress reduction. With today being the final post in the series, the hope is to bring you a few last tips that will help reduce stress and enjoy life a little bit more stress free! So with that in mind instead of one big discussion on one idea this post continues several ideas. Plan for Tomorrow: Taking a few moments to prepare for the day ahead has its […]

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