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Gratitude Practice – Memories and Photo Albums

Memories and Photo Albums Many of us are either the photographer or have someone in our life that is the photographer. Take advantage of those lovely photos. Sit down by yourself or with friends and/or family and spend some time going through photos. Let yourself remember those memories and maybe share the story around particular photos. While looking at the pictures remember to be thankful for all those different experiences and memories in your life. […]

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Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Inspired Baking or Cooking

Gratitude Inspired Baking or Cooking Bet you have heard the saying, “Food is love.” Well this gratitude practice is a spin off of that saying. This practice may provoke some anxiety in those of you that have less experience in the kitchen. Fear not. Cooking and baking can be as simple as going to the grocery store and buying ready made cookie dough. That is 100% okay. For those of you who love to bake […]

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Gratitude Practice – Find A Gratitude Song

Find A Gratitude Song There are certain songs or types of music that each of us may gravitate to or connect with. Find a song or music type that inspires gratitude for you. Make it a priority to listen to that song or type of music during the day or through out the day. When listening, think about what you have to be grateful for in your life. This can be done as a family […]

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Gratitude Practice – Play Time

Play Time It is play time! Our lives really can become so busy and we miss the opportunity to play and relax. Playing is so great for learning in addition to boosting the feel good neurotransmitters in our brains. Adult play time may look different than kids play time. One person’s play time might look different than another person’s play time. No matter what your style of play looks like, schedule some time to play […]

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Gratitude Practice – Thankful Tree

Thankful Tree The Thankful Tree can be done with family, friends, and even coworkers. Take a walk in nature and collect broken off branches. Take advantage of this time as well and enjoy the present moment and the time in nature. When you have a few branches arrange them in a pot. This is another opportunity to engage your creative side. Decorate the pot using the theme of gratitude. This can be done by yourself […]

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Gratitude Practice – Present Moment Awareness

Present Moment Awareness Time seems to go by so quickly these days. Sometimes we miss the joy of the present moment because we are either thinking about everything we have to do (the future) or thinking about missed opportunities or regrets (the past). Try spending more time in the present moment and appreciating what is currently happening. Some days, it may seem like the only thing you can find is that you are breathing. Other […]

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Gratitude Practice – Find Growth Opportunities

Find Growth Opportunities It can be really easy to focus on our mistakes in life. For some it is also very easy to beat themselves up over mistakes. Instead of engaging the self-critic, think of mistakes as growth opportunities instead. Mistakes are great chances to learn from your own experiences and make changes in the future that can improve your daily life. Here are few suggestions on how to make the most out of each […]

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Gratitude Practice – Complaint Free Day

Complaint Free Day This gratitude practice may sound either confusing, challenging, or maybe even easy. The goal with this practice is to pick one day a week or month where you bring your awareness to complaining and strive to not complain for the day. Complaining can come in sneak ways so really pay attention closely. At the end of the day take notice and see how you feel. Everyone in the family can do this […]

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Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Decorating

Gratitude Decorating Looking for a chance to redecorate your house that doesn’t cost you a ton? Great! This gratitude practice is well suited to that task. Have fun decorating your house with gratitude images, quotes, and/or sayings. Find pictures that remind you to be grateful and do the same with quotes and/or sayings. This may include asking your friends and family to contribute to the collection as well. Have fun using different materials to make […]

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Gratitude Practice – Volunteer

Volunteer Volunteering has been shown to be of benefit in multiple ways. These benefits extend to all parties including the person doing the volunteering. First, decide what causes are most important to you. Maybe it is bullying prevention or maybe it is Alzheimer’s disease. There are many causes our there and each of us has a heart for a different cause. Next, pick an organization that you believe in and aligns with the cause you […]

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