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Gratitude Practice – Self-Gratitude

Self-Gratitude Often times we can get good at saying thank you to other people but sometimes struggle to say thank you to ourselves. This practice aims to give us all a little bit more practice at showing gratitude to ourselves. Many people struggle with their internal self-critic. Sometimes that self-critic can even have a field day by reminding us of our flaws, imperfections, and all the mistakes that we have made. Showing self-gratitude can help […]

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Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Poem

Gratitude Poem Gratitude comes in many shapes, forms, and maybe even stanzas. Sometimes changing our perspective can be a nice way to switch things up. Poetry has a unique way of offering that opportunity. Since poetry usually, not always, requires fewer words than pros you really have to get to the “heart” of the gratitude. This can sometimes be easier said than done. For example, maybe there is a person in your life who has […]

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Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Bookmarks

Gratitude Bookmarks Many people like to read. If there are people in your life who do like to read, utilize this gratitude practice. This works best if you use stiffer paper like tag board or if you have a laminator that can also be of benefit. Cut your choice of paper into your desired size for the bookmark. Now you can either color, write, or even paste pictures on the bookmark. When making the bookmark, […]

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Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Bowl

Gratitude Bowl This gratitude practice can be so much fun to make as well as use! First, find a nice big bowl that makes you happy each time you look at it. Maybe it is even a bowl that has special meaning to you and/or your family. Next, cut small pieces of paper that are still big enough to write special messages on. Here is where you have choices: Pre-Write Messages – On the small […]

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Gratitude Practice – Thank The People Who Provide A Service

Thank The People Who Provide A Service There a lot of people in our lives that perform services for us. That might be the person who pours your coffee at a restaurant or the person who comes to collect the recycle. Sometimes we may be in such a rush that we forgot to say thank you or we can fall into the habit of taking for granted what people do for us. Take a moment […]

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Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Ritual

Develop A Gratitude Ritual Rituals are quite powerful. Often rituals are referenced to in the context of a religious practice. However, rituals are not exclusive to religion but rather a practice that can be used everyday or are already apart of our everyday life. For example, maybe in the morning you have ritual to wake up and drink coffee or tea before your day takes off. A similar idea can be taken with gratitude by […]

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Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Drawing or Painting

Gratitude Drawing or Painting You don’t have to be an artist to try out this gratitude practice. Pick whether you would like to draw or paint. Then pick your materials for your art project. You have the freedom to use markers, crayons, Sharpies, watercolors, or acrylic paint, to name a few. Draw or paint what you are grateful in your life. This may include objects, places, or people for example. An important point to remember […]

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Gratitude Practice – Meditation

Meditation More and more research has been done on the topic of meditation and the research is starting to back up how meditation can benefit us in multiple areas of our lives. In a general sense meditation involves focusing on the present moment without judgment or put another way, turning attention to the present moment and away from the thoughts that float through the mind. For a gratitude meditation, focus on what you’re grateful for […]

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Gratitude Practice – Engage in a Spiritual Practice

Engage In A Spiritual Practice Spiritual practices look different to everyone and also have the potential to help cultivate gratitude. One example, might be to use pray if that is part of your spiritual or religious practice. Another might be to take a walk in nature and think about how you have been blessed in your life. Find a spiritual practice that works for you and that evokes that sense of gratitude.

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Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal For those of you that like to write in a journal this practice will be right up your alley. Keep a gratitude journal using paper and pen. You can use an electronic form as well. Develop a habit to write down thoughts about the gifts you’ve received each day. This does not necessarily just mean physical gifts. It also means the intangibles as well. So maybe you write about a coworker who smiled […]

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