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Gratitude Practice – Gratitude Mantra

Find A Gratitude Mantra Mantras find their roots in Hinduism and Buddhism as words or sounds that are used to help concentration during a meditation practice. However, as mantras have become more mainstream they now are understood as a word or statement that is repeated frequently that we can use to affirm ourselves while at the same time letting the meaning seep into our subconscious. To use a mantra, first decide what your gratitude mantra […]

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Gratitiude Practice – Thank You Notes

Thank-You Notes This practice is actually a two for one practice. By engaging in this practice you not only make yourself happier but you also help improve relationships in your life. Writing thank-you notes that express how much you appreciate and enjoy having a particular person in your life can be a fun experience. Take the time to reflect on what a person has added to your life. Not very often do we have the […]

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Gratitude Practice – Finding Gratitude in Hard Situations

Finding Gratitude In Hard Situations We all find ourselves facing difficult situations or challenging in our lives. During those situations it can be helpful to ask yourself, “What can I be grateful for in this particular situation?” This is different than the often heard, “Find the silver lining or the good in the situation.” In this case, you are really finding something that you are grateful for and feeling into it. For example, maybe your […]

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Gratitude Practice – Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings! Make a daily date with yourself or weekly date if you prefer to draw or write about your blessings. Maybe plan out a number ahead of time like tree to ten that you will reflect upon. Then as you write or draw think about the specifics of how it felt when that blessing happened to you. Maybe you note a feeling of lightness or how it felt like a warm light inside […]

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Gratitude Has Great Benefits!

November is traditionally associated with being thankful. Many of us will share what we are thankful each day during the month while others will go around the table at Thanksgiving sharing. In the spirit of being thankful, Whole HeARTs Family Center wanted to encourage and support your gratitude journey by looking at the benefits of gratitude in addition to providing you with daily inspiration for how you can cultivate gratitude. Gratitude has been linked with […]

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Beyond a Diagnosis: Tips to Build Your Child’s Strengths

Professional Counselor, Anya Beebe, offers key actions that parents with special needs children can take to make a difference in the lives of their children. Originally Published in Colorado Parent Magazine.  Parents often ask me, “How do I help my child with special needs feel normal?” and “How do I help my child be the best that they can be?” In my work as a child therapist, I commonly work with children with different abilities […]

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Easing Into Back-to-School

Reduce the stress of summer-to-school days transitions Parenting 911. Originally Published in Colorado Parent Magazine. Q: How do I help my child go back to all of the peer stresses of school days after an easy-going summer? The mood shift at first is really hard. With school right around the corner, many parents are asking this same question. If your child is nervous about the peer stresses of school, it can be helpful to give him […]

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How to Talk to Children About Tragic Events

Grief and Bereavement Support - Child Counseling Colorado

In the wake of a tragedy, our hearts break for the victims and their families but as parents we also begin to think about how this might affect our own children. Here are some tips to help you talk to your children and help them cope. Originally Published in Colorado Parent Magazine. When tragic events happen, such as the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, our emotions race. As parents, our hearts break […]

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Art Therapy for Children Proven Beneficial

Study Demonstrates Art Therapy’s Effectiveness in Pediatric Asthma It can be a terrifying experience when an asthma attack closes down a child’s airways and makes the simple act of breathing a life-threatening struggle. The fear and anxiety associated with an asthma attack can last long after the attack has subsided. Researchers at National Jewish Health for the first time have shown that a course of art therapy can reduce anxiety and increase quality of life […]

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