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At Whole HeARTs Family Center, we are dedicated to helping your child and family regain harmony and happiness and work through any challenges you may be facing.  With our strengths based family approach, we not only specialize in working with children, we are dedicated to empowering you as a parent with new techniques so that YOU have the tools to help your child. Using our evidence based parenting support, we are able to help families in a fraction of the time that it might take if we only worked with children. Because of this, most of the children we see are able to do short-termed therapy.

WholeHeartsFamilyCenterLogo-Small We offer a variety of therapy options including:


  • Parent Coaching sessions for mothers and fathers
  • Family Therapy Sessions
  • Parenting Classes / Groups
  • Parent Support Groups for mothers and fathers
  • Whole HeARTed Mother’s Rejuvenation Group
  • Awakening Your Whole HeART Art Therapy and Personal Growth Workshops for Women

WholeHeartsFamilyCenterLogo-Small Parent Coaching Sessions

Parent coaching, Denver

Individual parent coaching sessions are tailor made to give you parenting tools and techniques to help you with the specific needs of your child. In every parent coaching session, you will leave with sustainable recommendations that you can go home and get started with immediately.

To set up your first session, call us at 303-523-7726 for your free phone consultation.

WholeHeartsFamilyCenterLogo-Small Family Therapy Sessions

If you are wanting to go a little deeper and look at some of the underlying root issues that may be affecting your family, our family therapy sessions can be very beneficial.  We help families work through challenging patterns and develop positive new ways of interacting and supporting each other. Family therapy sessions can be conducted in the way that is most helpful for your family, whether it is meeting with parents alone for some sessions and the children for others, or bringing the family in all together, we will find a plan that is just right for you.

To set up your first session, call us at 303-523-7726 for your free phone consultation.

WholeHeartsFamilyCenterLogo-Small Whole HeARTed Parenting Classes / Groups

The parenting groups at Whole HeARTs Family Center are more than a regular parenting class.  Our parenting groups are designed to help you with the challenges that YOU have with your child and help you delve deeper and find more meaningful experiences and less conflict in your role as a parent.  We give parents a new way to think about parenting  and help give you practical solutions to use right away.  In each session we will go over different topics along with  the essential elements in creating healthy, respectful, happy and loving relationships with your child.  In addition, in each session you will be given time to share what is happening in your particular situation at home and receive input and ideas specific to your situation.

We cover the most common topics parents ask about including:

  • Techniques used to provide positive reinforcement that work.
  • Strategies for effective discipline, limit and rule setting.
  • How to overcome power struggles and create alignment with your child.
  • Practical tools to help your child (and yourself) with emotional regulation and reduce yelling, tantrums and meltdowns
  • How to create more joy and peace in your home and improve your relationship with your child.

This group is lead by Anya Beebe, MA, LPC, art therapist and parenting coach along with one of our qualified staff members or interns.

(This parenting group is currently closed but will be offered again in January 2015)

Please contact with any questions regarding this group or to set up individual parenting session so that we can help with your particular situation.


WholeHeartsFamilyCenterLogo-Small Free Parenting Support Group

The Whole HeARTs Family Center is now offering Free Support Groups for current clients and parents of children being seen at WHFC! 

 We at the Whole HeARTs Family Center recognizes that as parents you give so much to your kids and offering free support groups is our way of giving back to you!

This open support group is designed to honor and validate the struggles of parents of children with ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, sensory processing disorder as well as behavioral issues. Surrounded by other parents dealing with similar issues, participants will have the opportunity to talk about and share their challenges and to find support.

Registered psychotherapist, Katie Hanczaryk, and intern Chelsie Cohen, will facilitate this group and create a safe environment for discussions, questions, opinions and a place where healing and growth can occur. Themes will be discussed each week, and will include issues like: self-care, time management, diagnosis and treatment, etc….

Sometimes we all need a chance to talk, and be heard, and this support group will provide that opportunity. You deserve it!

The Whole HeARTs Support Groups will be held in the Whole HeARTs Group Room in Suite #106.

Times: 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Dates:  Twice a month on Monday evenings: Dates to be announced soon

Registration: Although this is a free drop in group and you can come when you would like, registration to be a participant is required as space is limited.  Current clients and parents of clients who have had an appointment or group with any of our staff within two months of attending the support group are welcome to register.

Please contact to register or for any questions regarding this group.

WholeHeartsFamilyCenterLogo-Small Whole HeARTed Mother’s Rejuvination Group

Being a mom is tough sometimes, and the Confident Mom’s group is here to give mothers support, connections, parenting tools and stress reduction techniques.

If you love your kids and being a mom but are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, or just want some extra parenting techniques and to connect with other mothers, this group is for you. (And, if you feel like you have no time for this group because you are so overwhelmed with everything going on, and have no time for yourself, then this group is ESPECIALLY for you!)

This enriching experience is a six week group and will include weekly parenting topics, guided imagery, creative expression and very real ways that you can reclaim the joy, passion, purpose in your life.  If you are interested, please register soon as there are just six spots available in this group.

Group to be led by: Anya Beebe, MA, LPC, Art Therapist and Parenting Coach.

(This parenting group is currently closed but will be offered again in January 2015)

Please contact with any questions regarding this group or to set up individual session so that we can help with your particular situation.


Whole HeARTed Mother’s Rejuvination Group

$333.00 (tax incl.)$369.00 (tax incl.)

Register before October 20th for 10% off!  4 spaces available


Register before October 20th for 10% off! 

4 spaces available


WholeHeartsFamilyCenterLogo-Small Awakening Your Whole HeART

Creative Workshops Designed to help Women Reclaim and Connect with their Authentic Selves


If you are like most woman, self-love and self-acceptance can be a challenge. We can often give unconditional love to our children, spouses and partners. But how about to ourselves?

As women, we can be pretty hard on ourselves, and to be honest, we are often our own worst critic. We often hold ourselves back from being happy with who we are and living the life we want to live. And sometimes, we lose touch with our authentic self and forget who we are – VIBRANT, CREATIVE, and AMAZING WOMEN!!!

The Awakening Your Whole HeART Workshops are aimed at honoring and reclaiming our most sacred connection of all – the connection with our authentic self.

When we can be aware of and take steps to overcome our inner critic and find our true voice, we are then free to accept ourselves just as we are.

When we can live from the place of authenticity, we rediscover a deeper sense of meaning in our lives, we live with more purpose, passion and joy.

When we learn to show unconditional love to ourselves, we also have more energy and love to give to others as well.

When our loved ones see that we can accept and love ourselves – THEY feel allowed to accept and love themselves more too.

Isn’t that what we want for our loved ones? After all, we teach others through our own actions…What are your actions teaching other people in your life? And, when we treat ourselves with more love, respect, and acceptance – other people begin to treat us and interact with us in a more positive way too.

Join us for one of our Awakening Your Whole HeART Workshops and spend an inspiring day with an incredible group of women reconnecting with your authentic self and letting go of limiting beliefs, thoughts and actions. Led by art therapist and author, Anya Beebe, and guest facilitators, we will take you on a journey to rediscover and reclaim your deeper sense of meaning.

Through sharing, connection with other women, guided visualization, creative expression and practical action plans to use right away in your life, the Awakening Your Whole HeART Workshops are designed to cultivate a profound deep sense of appreciation and LOVE for yourself!

Groups to be led by: Anya Beebe LPC, Art Therapist and Parenting Coach. and / or Katie Hanczaryk, MA, Art Therapist and Artist.

For more information about our Awakening Your Whole HeART Workshops, check out our Art Classes and Art Therapy page!  We have some great workshops coming up!

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