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To see if we are the right therapists for you, please call for your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION. We would be happy to speak with you about your situation and help you figure out the best way to get started in helping you or your child. In our call, we will determine your needs and what you are looking for help with in therapy. We will also discuss the different therapist’s working at Whole HeARTs along with their approach and find the best fit for you.

Please know that we only work with clients who are in our areas of specialty. It is important to get you or your child to the right therapist and if we feel that someone else could help you better, we will give you names and number of people who we would recommend.
Whole HeARTS - Getting Started

If we determine that you and one of our therapists would be a good fit, we can set up a first appointment. We offer HALF OFF the first session as a “trial” session so that you can see if we are the right therapist for you or your child, and so we can also make sure that we feel that it is a good fit therapeutically as well.

After the first appointment, together we will decide how often to meet and set up a treatment plan for you or your child. In setting up the treatment plan, we will collaboratively determine the primary focus and goals for therapy. Some people just need a “tune up” with certain issues and just need a couple of sessions. Some people’s issues may take a little more time to overcome, it all depends on the nature of the problem and how acutely it is effecting you or your child’s life.

We aim to do shorter term therapy and find that our unique approach often helps our clients explore and process their feelings and find new skills to overcome their challenges in a short amount of time. Some people are looking for longer term therapy and we offer this approach as well.

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Forms that you will need for your first session.


If  you are meeting with Anya Beebe, please print out the following forms (click to download or right click and “Save link as”):


You will also need this HIPPA form your first session (click to download or right click and “Save link as”):

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