Life Purpose Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching 

We are REALLY excited to offer Life Purpose Coaching at Whole HeARTs!  Helping people rediscover and reconnect with their life purpose and find zest, passion, and happiness in their own lives is something we LOVE. Every person on the planet is unique and we want to help YOU live your life in an authentic way that makes your heart and soul sing.

WholeHearts-Red-MediumLife Purpose Coaching Can Help You:

  • Find CLARITY in what you want to do in life.
  • OVERCOME blocks, obstacles, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living the life YOU WANT.
  • REDISCOVER your CALLING—in your career, at home, or in your personal life.
  • REVIVE your PASSION for life and learn to LIVE and LOVE from a place of HAPPINESS and JOY.
  • RECLAIM your own PERSONAL POWER to live a life that is MEANINGFUL to YOU.
  • REINVENT your life to be a LIFE that you LOVE to LIVE.


Anya Beebe DenverMy name is Anya Beebe and as the owner and director of Whole HeARTs Family Center, my staff and I are committed to finding a way to help you or your loved one face the future with new coping tools and with a stronger sense of self.  That is why I am now offering Life Purpose Coaching.

After working with thousands of children and adults in the mental health field since 1991, I have learned what makes most people truly happy in life.  I have seen over and over again that even if a person has a loving, happy family, sometimes they can still feel lost and unfulfilled. When people feel this way, it can be confusing and they often feel like something must be wrong with them. A person might have everything he or she wants—a wonderful family, a lovely home, and a good job that pays well—but for some people, it seems that something is still missing that they can’t put their finger on. Often, the lost feeling can be a result of not living from a place of personal passion or participating in things that are meaningful to them.

Most of us get so busy with our relationships, our families, activities with the kids, our careers, and taking care of the house that sometimes we forget who we are at our core. We forget the things that make us, us! And all the things that make our soul come alive with joy!

After witnessing breakthrough after breakthrough with my coaching clients, I have developed a program that helps women and men rediscover and live from a place of passion and purpose so they can start living truly happy lives.  Wherever you are in your life or career path (CEO, stay-at-home mom, student, or professional), we can work together to help you develop a plan to regain your sense of direction and passion for your life.

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WholeHearts-Red-MediumLife Purpose Coaching Sessions and Packages:

With my master’s degree in transpersonal psychology and my experience a seasoned therapist, art therapist, certified parenting coach, author and artist, I use an effective and creative approach in my coaching style. I also draw upon techniques from the trainings I have personally done with Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, the Heart Math Institute in addition to PSI Seminars and a variety of other continuing education and personal growth conferences in which I have participated.  I am also influenced by the work of Brené Brown, Julia Cameron, Tony Robbins, and Deepak Chopra, just to name just a few.

I use an eclectic mix of interventions that individually fits the needs of each of my clients.  This may consist of talking, art making and guided visualizations.  I am here to help you with achieving the goals you want to attain in your coaching session and can tailor your sessions to fit you the best. Some people like to paint their passions and some people like to talk or graph them out. It is up to you!

In your time with me, some options we work on might be:

  • A Happiness Map to help you find or rediscover your passions – the things that make you come ALIVE!
  • Tools to better understand the thought patterns that are holding you back and techniques to work through them so you can move forward without these limiting beliefs.
  • A Passion Plan so that you have strategies to bring more joy into your life every day.
  • A vision board and a clear outline of your goals.
  • Painting an image or special symbols on canvas that represent your passions.
  • Just about any form of art you are inspired to create! I have a fully stocked art studio with almost every art supply imaginable for you to use!

You will also receive:

  • A special binder / journal to write, draw your inspirations and ideas.

Session options:

To get started and to see if we are a good fit for a coaching relationship, I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation.  In this session, you can share your story and what you would like help with and we can determine an action plan.  I can only accept a limited number of coaching clients, so please call soon to reserve your sessions or to be put on my waiting list.

Please call 303-523-7726 for a free 20 minute coaching call and to see if coaching might be a good fit for you.  

I look forward to helping you regain your passion and start living your life’s purpose!


 WholeHearts-Red-MediumLife Purpose and Passion Workshops and Groups

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WholeHearts-Red-MediumMotivational Speaking Events for Businesses, Groups, Organizations and Schools

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