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Reading and ______. What is the blank? You guessed it – writing. Reading and writing go together and since a pervious post focused on reading it is only fair to discuss writing as well. We spend a lot of time at school learning how to write so why not put it to good use? What are the benefits of writing?

Morning stream of consciousness – Stream of consciousness writing can be fun because there are no rules to follow. It is rather just writing whatever comes to mind. When writing it allows the mind to vent of sorts. It allows you the opportunity to express worries but also to do a little self-exploration or self-reflection. After writing for a while look for patterns that might emerge. Then depending on what emerges it can give you a direction. Something else to consider as you write as well later on down the line. When you are truly engaging in self-reflection there is no judgement. Rather it is description.

Evening relaxation and reflection – Our days our long and stressful. It can be hard to de-stress before bed which means the potential exists to carry it with you into bedtime. Before going to sleep try writing. You can write about what is stressing you in hopes that it stays on the paper or you can write about what is going well in your life. Finally, you can write creatively making sure that you are in the present moment where your mind won’t be racing with the days events.

One important theme to take away from the two benefits above is how writing can be therapeutic and has the potential to be a great opportunity for self-reflection!

Writing can also provide great stimulation for the mind:

Stimulate the mind – Writing provides the opportunity for your mind to warm up. So when your brain is just starting up in the morning try writing.

Vocabulary and writing skills – In school we spend all this time building our vocabulary and possibly taking a bunch of vocabulary tests. Additionally, we spend hours learning how to write. Like any knowledge that isn’t utilized the brain will not retain it. So use your vocabulary and write so that you retain all that you have learned and even possibly even expand vocabulary and skill sets. Writing is a great place to even try to look at using new words and new writing styles.

Hone analytic and rational skills – Writing provides a space to work through problems by encouraging the opportunity to think through in both sequential and creative ways allowing you to use both to find solutions.

Flesh out ideas – So many thoughts move in and out of mind and some even stick like glue. Writing provides such a great chance to put these ideas on paper and flush them out a little bit.

Escape technology and build communication skills – Between emails, cell phones, and social media there are so many opportunities to engage with technology. Every once in a while writing can be a way to take a break from technology especially if you use pen and paper. Plus when writing you have the opportunity to expand your communication skills because you are practicing expressing yourself and structuring what you wish to say.

Additionally, writing may be beneficial in other areas of life such as dreams!

Dream journal – Dream journals are a great option. By keeping a journal by the side of your bed you can quickly write down what you remember in the morning or if you happen to wake from the dream you can write down a few notes. As suggested above start to pay attention to patterns that emerge from what you write.

Like reading, writing can take you to different places where the only limits are your imagination. Or writing can help you discover more about yourself. No matter what motivates you to write, remember important writing can be. Writing can even be beneficial for families. Below in the resources and references section are website that will take you to writing prompts as well as a word a day site.

Resources and References: – 5 Benefits of Writing: Why You Should Write Every Day – 10 Reasons You Should Write Something Each Day
Huffpost – 6 Unexpected Ways Writing Can Transform Your Health
Writer’s Digest – Creative Writing Prompts
Poets and Writers – The Time is Now
Wordsmith – Word a Day

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