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Is your team at work struggling to connect, to be inspired and be at the top of their game?  If so the Whole HeARTs Family Center has a creative and highly inspirational approach to helping bring out the best in each individual on a team! We offer a variety of fun and effective team building workshops for businesses, groups and organizations. Each workshop is tailored specifically for each group we work with to make sure that we are helping you with exactly what it is that your group needs.  

We offer a fun, creative, heartfelt, authentic, approach to helping teams connect that is unique and like nothing else out there! In our workshops we often incorporate discussions, sharing, role playing activities along with guided visualizations and art making.  Don’t worry, no one in your group needs to be an artist, we make sure that the creative interventions can be successfully accomplished by anyone!

We help teams with things like:

  • Creating a positive environment and interpersonal interactions
  • Overcoming negative relational patterns
  • Letting go of past hurts and challenges
  • Coming together after a restructuring or merger
  • Overcoming burnout or compassion fatigue
  • Rediscovering each individual’s SPARK and the team’s SPARK!
  • Learning to communicate in a more effective and clear way
  • Bringing out the best in each individual
  • Connecting as a team
  • Developing a plan to move forward in an effective way as a team
  • Bringing more happiness into the work environment

Here’s how it all works:

In order to tailor this unique experience directly to your team, the team’s manager will meet in person or over the phone with one of our facilitators. We will discuss interpersonal dynamics, challenges and strengths and the direction he or she would like the team to move into. We prefer this to be 2-3 weeks prior to the meeting so that we have time to plan for your ideal team experience. The facilitator will then develop a plan and design the workshop around what was discussed.  One week prior to the workshops, the facilitator and manager will have another 20 – 30 minute consult call to finalize the workshop plan.

Each team works different and responds to different approaches. That is why Whole HeARTs offers different experiences based directly on your team’s needs. Some teams may like the creative art based approach and others may like a movement approach, while others may like a combination. We aim to help your team and provide an experience that will be best suited to your organization.

Most workshops are 4 hours, however we can determine the length necessary to incorporate the objectives for your team.  Pricing is determined by length of workshop, number of participants and type of projects materials required (more on this below).

Each Whole HeARTs Team Building Workshop includes:

  • An initial 15 – 20 minute complimentary consult to determine if we are a good fit for what you are looking for for your team.
  • A 45 – 55 minute phone or in person consult with the team leader to talk about the team dynamics, challenges, strengths and goals.
  • A detailed plan for the workshop including: discussion topics to cover, team building activities, creative projects etc… to the team leader for approval or changes as needed.
  • A 15 – 20 minute phone meeting between the facilitator and team leader to confirm the plan for the workshop and go over any other details.
  • The 4 hour workshop experience (note to self or kim, maybe say more about this, more bullet points).
  • An individual art piece for each person to take home.
  • A group art piece that represents each person on the team and the team as a whole (There are a variety of options for this project.  Ideas will be discussed and then determined by manager ahead of time and prepared specifically for the team).
  • A 15 – 20 minute follow up phone call between the facilitator and manager to talk about any additional details and techniques that the facilitator might want to recommend to the manager.  Being therapists, we often see group dynamics that we can give suggestions to help improve.

Hands make heart shape

More about our philosophy:

At Whole HeARTs we understand that a healthy team provides so much value to any group, organization or business. When teams are functioning well they encourage and foster creativity and learning so new ideas and projects can flourish. In our workshops, we promote self-care and helping each person to find their individual strengths and passions. Research shows that when people are living from a place of their personal strengths and feeling happy, they contribute much more to the organization. Places like Google are so productive because they support their employees as individuals and group and we strive to help you to create this effect with your team as well.

We also promote positive, fun, authentic connection in our workshops.  When team members are connecting on a personal level and working together, a wider sense of ownership evolves and with that, productivity and care of others increases as well.   We have a variety of ways to help your team get real and get connected and build the moral at your organization that you desire.

Investing a little up front is worth the potential rewards. What is left is to ask yourself, how much do I stand to lose if your team is not functioning?

Rates for Creative Team Building Workshops

Our rate is $250 – $300 per each hour of the workshop – (please note, we spend a least three hours every hour of the workshop in planning, preparing, buying appropriate materials, meeting with the manager, corresponding, setting up and cleaning up).  Most workshops are 4 hours long but can be adjusted as necessary.  We can discuss what might be best for your group during the complimentary phone consult.  

Art materials are usually $25 per person.  If a more extensive project is requested, prices will be adjusted accordingly.

A non refundable $300 Deposit is required to reserve your spot.  Full payment is due before the day of the workshop. A date can be changed with two weeks notice and the deposit will then be transferred to cover the new date.

We are happy to discuss the details with you and determine what we can do to help your team become more connected.  Working from a Whole HeARTed approach, we strive to give you our all and create a specific workshop for your team.

Please feel free to reach out to us for a free phone consultation at 303 523 7726.

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