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At the Whole HeARTs Family Center, we are passionate about helping children, adolescents, adults and families overcome challenges and achieve their highest potential.

We understand that sometimes, we all need some extra help. We all go through tough times at one point or another, and often, all we need is some extra guidance to help us navigate through life’s challenges. Whether the obstacles that you or your child faces are temporary setbacks or lifelong issues, together we can find a way to help you or your loved one face the future with new coping tools and with a stronger sense of self.

Our therapists and staff are here for you, and are committed to helping you develop solutions that will make a positive difference in your life.

WholeHearts-Red-MediumAnya Beebe  WholeHearts-Red-Medium  MA, LPC, Art Therapist and Certified COPE Parent Trainer

Founder and Director of the Whole HeARTs Family Center, Individual and Group Therapist and Parenting Coach

AnyaBeebe-ChildTherapistDenver-2My interest in art therapy and counseling began after receiving my BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Colorado. As an artist, I always had a strong connection with the healing qualities of making art. In addition, having struggled with ADD for most of my life, I also developed a way to use images to help myself find ways to overcome my ADD tendencies.

In my work teaching art a juvenile detention center, at a summer intensive program for kids with ADHD and autism and later at an occupational therapy clinic for children with sensory issues, I began to understand the transformational effects art making had not only on myself, but on others as well. When I taught the children I worked with my way of using images, it helped them as well. This realization sparked my desire to become an art therapist and a counselor and I went on to pursue my Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology and Art Therapy from Naropa University in Boulder and graduated in 2004.

Right after I graduated, I began a small private practice in conjunction with working as the art therapist on the pediatric unit at National Jewish Health. During my work at National Jewish, I received extensive training and experience counseling and providing art therapy groups for children with chronic health issues. We saw tremendous success with the art therapy program in terms of helping the children feel better emotionally. There seemed to be a noticeable link between the emotional health of the patients and their physical health and it was proposed that we do a study to see if there was a correlation.

In May of 2010, the study at National Jewish Health using art therapy with children with asthma was published in the Journal of Asthma and Clinical Immunology. The study was the first of its kind using a clinically randomized trial to test if art therapy could improve emotional health and improve quality of life for children with asthma. The study found that art therapy was effective in reducing anxiety and increasing self-concept in children with asthma. The study gained media interest I was asked to do number of local and international radio, TV, and online and newspaper interviews about the work I have done using art therapy with children with chronic illness. Soon after, I was invited to write a chapter about my work in the book, Art Therapy in Health Care, edited by Cathy Malchiodi.

My private practice had grown over the years and I began to branch out into not only working with children but with helping parents as well. As a parent myself, I understood that to help children, it was important to empower parents and to give them the tools so that they could help their children. I became a certified COPE parent trainer and began writing for Colorado Parent magazine and also frequented channel’s 7 and 9 as a parenting expert.

With my desire to help the whole family using a creative approach combining art therapy and counseling, I founded the Whole HeARTs Family Center in 2012, in Centennial, Colorado. It thrills me to have a center where children, adults and families can experience the creative arts therapies for healing, learning new tools and techniques to overcome and cope with challenges in addition to education and personal growth. The Whole HeARTs Family Center is my dream and I hope that our services can create support and positive growth for families for years to come.


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